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June 06, 2023 1:37:56pm  |  Update Time: 12:00am
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Terms Of Service (TOS)
By signing up to Mafia-Warfare - You agree to the following:


- You must be at least 15 years of age to play or even sign up to Mafia Warfare.
- Verbal abuse towards other players or the members of staff is prohibited.
- Racist, Sexual or Religious insults will not be tolerated.
- Advertising, spamming, hacking, glitching, and macroingis forbidden.
- Sending out or posting personal information or any revealing images is forbidden.
- Abusing any game glitches or bugs, or account piloting is prohibited.
- If you have a problem with a member of staff or their decision, mail an Admin.
- Pornographic material is not allowed to be posted anywhere in the game.
- Buying/Selling anything of value to another with real cash is a bannable offense.
- Additional information and definitions can be found in the games Forum Section.


- Mafia Warfare is not responsible for any illegal, offending or inappropriate actions made by players   inside or outside of the game, including internet and real life actions.
- Mafia Warfare is allowed to suspend access to the game to any user without a valid reason.
- Mafia Warfare has no obligations to any player.
- Mafia Warfare can delete or suspend an account when the rules are broken.
- Mafia Warfare has the right to change the rules at any time without notice.
- Mafia Warfare players that donate are equal to the non donaters and will be treated equally.
- By creating an account you agree to waive your right to privacy regarding in game correspondence.
- Anyone caught using something to enhance thier account will be banned from the game.
- Mafia Warfare is only a game and anything you do here could seriously impact real life situations.
- Mafia Warfare has the right to decline any refunds and disputes at will.
- Any attempt to refund your donations will result in account ban.


- You are only allowed to have ONE account and it can only be played by you.
- Only one account per IP Address. If another player in your household wants to play on the same IP,   message an Admin before they make the account to get permission so the proper notes can be made.
- You may not purchase accounts for other players.
- You may not purchase accounts here for game goods someplace else.
- We do not get involved in the sales of accounts. Any sale/trade/swap is done at your own risk.
- Before any account sale, swap or trade takes place it MUST be sanctioned by a member of staff.
- You are required to be familiar with Account Trade/Sale/Swap rules prior to any transaction.
- MW will not retrieve your old account for failure to acquire permission from the staff.
- Accounts that are more than 180 days inactive are subject to deletion. (REVISED 3-25-20)
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